EkGıda's specialty lies in creating ingredients that keep prep time efficient, while providing fresh and exciting menu concepts.


EkGıda is driven to enhancing flavors, improving functionality, creating faster and more efficient processes, reducing costs and introducing safer alternatives. Using new technology and building strong customer relations, the company develops its legendary “customization approach” setting the foundation for future food industry advancements.


Our manufacturing capabilities are sustained by modern culinary innovation centers and multiple research and development laboratories. 


The fascinating prosperity of the essence world contains unique different tastes and different odours which belongs to geography that it born in from all around the earth.  Troy Essences and Essential Oils, collects the most special ones from this limitless world in one hand and presents them to the appreciation of Turkish market.


Troy is serving you in a different aspect with its price-quality index, wide product range, dynamique squad and customer-oriented aprroach in essence sector.


Troy Essences and Essential Oils, is at your service as a solution partner instead of ordinary essence company with its short delivery time before purchasing, R&D and application support after the purchasing and the performance of the product itself.

Ekofarm is the farming company of Troy Group.


Ekofarm is a modern and dynamically developing establishment specialised in terms of both growing cultivated grains, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and cucurbits and sales and

storage of them.


Our company places a particular importance on the quality of the plantation equipment. 


It has the necessary technical infrastructure, qualified personnel and all of the necessary equipment to apply the latest technologies for high quality and ecological harvesting.

Aterna is a historical olive orchard by tha agean seaside. This region (north agean coast) has an ideal salt ratio in its soil and a breeze that is perfecy for the grovth of our olives.


This provides the purest and the finest form of extra virgin olive oil.


We have 4300 trees in our orchard %80 of them are between 200-1600 years old.


Aterna Orchard is regularly inspected by Ceres, an international organic certification institute.


For organic farming and production.

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