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EKOFARM as member of TROY GROUP COMPANIES family is specialized in production, subsequent storage and realization of oil, cereal, vegetable and garden cultures. Top quality products are acquired and guaranteed with utilization of advanced technology, modern equipment and experienced and professional stuff.


Soil and climatic resources in the south part of Ukraine, where EKOFARM is located, provide necessary elements for cultures listed above and assure better quality and earlier harvest time.

Convenient location of the farm provides easy transportation for all kind of vehicles.


The obstacles of natural farming nowadays are no secret to anyone and in order sustain production even modern technology, hard work and experience sometimes are not enough.


EKOFARM adds passion to all qualities above to make sure our clients get best service.

Contract Farming

Large and versatile facilities, experienced and professional stuff, modern equipment and advanced technologies enable the possibilities of contract farming ensuring high quality and ecologically clean product based on your request.


EKOFARM will be pleased to constitute and sustain long term business relationships with interested organizations.


What grows where and how it is grown area matter of choice. Two of the many possible practices of sustainable agriculture are crop rotation and soil amendment, both designed to ensure that crops being cultivated can obtain the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.


Soil amendments would include using locally available compost from community recycling centers.


Delicate and sensitive approach to ecosystem around us makes EKOFARM liable during the whole process, what brings harmony nature we work with.


Organic Availability
Farm to Fork

To be able to provide fresh, clean and reliable product in all aspects, one has to present in all stages of harvesting, production, packaging and delivering.


Being on both sides, as farmer and as trader helps us understand the needs of consumers and difficulties farmers do face. That is how EKOFARM guarantee high quality of products.


With embracement of the philosophy of the love of the nature and having technical and financial assistance in our arsenal we provide organic and clean products for our partners. 

Having rich souls and technological development in our facilities in Southern Ukraine we possess capability of producing NON-GMO products.